We Stand With Palestine contingent at the Gay Pride Parade

Please join the We Stand With Palestine contingent at the Gay Pride Parade

Sunday, June 24th

Meet at 11 am sharp
in front of the Target Store
4466 N. Broadway

in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood
1 block south of the “Wilson” stop on the Red Line el

The Israeli government and organizations working with it repeatedly attempt to divert attention from Israel’s brutal treatment of Palestinian by leveraging its alleged tolerance of LGBTQs.

It’s akin to saying that simply because LGBTs have equal marriage rights in the United States, that our government should be given a pass for police killings of Blacks, mass incarcerations and other aspects of brutal racism.

Recent weeks have witnessed Israeli sniper killings of over 100 unarmed Palestinian protesters, with over 11,000 more wounded. The protests are the product of decades of Israeli land thefts – 1.3 million of Gaza’s 1.9 million people are refugees or descendants of refugees from Israel.

To enforce these thefts, Israel has implemented a brutal regime of incarcerations, including of Palestinian children. Thousands languish in jails without even charges filed against them, let alone trials set. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have repeatedly cited Israel for systemic torture.

Israel’s “border wall” cutting through Palestinian lands is the envy of racists the world over, including President Trump. That a vile racist like Trump and his far-right evangelical, anti-Semitic base are huge fans of Israel is a telling clue of what the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is really all about:

A whole group of indigenous people, victims of brutal ethnic cleansing during Israel’s founding, systematically deprived of their rights, are met with overwhelming violence when they resist. As Israeli energy minister Yuval Steinitz threatened on May 29th, “I do not rule out the possibility of conquering Gaza and destroying it once and for all.” Meanwhile, Democrats in Congress turn a blind eye and Republicans applaud while U.S. military aid to Israel gets bipartisan support from both major parties.

Since Israel has tried to leverage LGBTQs to justify its repression of Palestinians and Israel is by far the #1 recipient of U.S. arms aid, we in the Gay Liberation Network feel LGBTQs in the U.S. have a particular responsibility to speak out in solidarity with Palestine.

Whether you are LGBTQ or not, on Sunday, June 24th, we invite you to join our “We Stand with Palestine” contingent in the annual Gay Pride Parade:

** Meet at 11 AM SHARP, Sunday, June 24 in front of the Target store in Uptown, 4466 N. Broadway (one block south of the “Wilson” Red Line stop). Look for a Pride flag on a tall stick there to meet our group!

** From the meeting point, you will be directed to where our contingent lines up (the organizers don’t tell us this until just before the parade).

Help us demand that Israel

STOP killing Palestinians!

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