Get active with GLN!

The best way to participate in grassroots activism with the Gay Liberation Network is to participate in our monthly, in-person organizing meetings.

On the first Wednesday of each month, we meet at Nookies Restaurant, 1100 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue. Nookies is just east of the “Bryn Mawr” stop on the Red Line el, has free parking in the rear, and is wheelchair accessible (no need to order food if you don’t want to).

While GLN focuses on LGBT‐specific issues, we also recognize that LGBTs are a rainbow community of all races, genders, nationalities and classes. The majority of LGBTs have at least one other identity which is discriminated against in our society. In short, while rich white men may dominate the political voice of the LGBT community with their wealth and influence, they are radically unrepresentative of who the LGBT community actually is.

If, in addition to specific LGBT issues, we don’t directly participate in “other” justice issues, we fail the test of solidarity with the majority of the people in our community. We destroy the internal solidarity of our LGBT community, and display a “go it alone” contempt others facing discrimination, and thus morally don’t deserve support for our LGBT issues from others.

If you agree with this grassroots, intersectional approach to winning freedom not just for
LGBTs, but for the 99% as a whole, we invite you to participate in our monthly organizing

We welcome you to join us at 7 to 9 PM on the first Wednesday of each month at Nookies Restaurant, 1100 W. Bryn Mawr.

For more information, email