Why LGBTQs (& everyone) Should Support Palestinian Rights

President Trump’s embrace of both the racist, anti-Semitic “alt right,” and far-right forces in Israeli politics, should cause a reevaluation of the Israeli state by people of good will who currently support it.

How is it that such an abject racist as Trump should be so friendly to the state of Israel? Is Israel a racist, colonial state that brutally suppresses Palestinians as many, including South African anti-apartheid activists, have long charged?

Are Israeli supporters’ attempts to promote an allegedly gay-friendly image of the country as a cynical maneuver to divert attention from the country’s appalling policies versus Palestinians?

With Israeli sharpshooters over the past few weeks having killed several dozen unarmed protesters, and wounded thousands at the border of Gaza – largely out of view of the U.S. press – these topics gain even greater urgency.

Come discuss these issues at 7 pm, Monday, May 14th with leading British LGBTQ and Palestinian solidarity activist Kevin Ovenden. More information here.

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  1. I agree. But I’ve encountered several gay men, who were Ziolnist very anti-Palestinian.

    I hope all can be brought to an attitude of solidarity with victims of ethnic cleansing, bigotry and militarism.

    – Gary

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