STOP TrumpCare Before It Starts!

Originally published July 27, 2017

TWO Actions to Demand Healthcare for ALL!

On Friday, 5 pm to 6:30 pm, join a “Die-in for Improved Medicare for All” at Federal Plaza, corner of Adams & Dearborn Streets, Chicago.

Deaths per year due to a lack of health insurance:
– 50,000 people under the Republican healthcare bills
– 29,000 under the Affordable Care Act,
– Zero under HR 676 Expanded and Improved Medicare for All.

We know Medicare for All is the only way to provide quality, affordable coverage to everyone. Medicare and Medicaid were signed into law on July 30, 1965. It’s time to finish the job! Improve Medicare and expand it to all! Everybody in, nobody out!

We need our elected leadership, including Senator Durbin, to stand up for our health and our lives. Let’s show this impact by ‘dying’ outside of his Chicago and Springfield offices.

*Please wear black if you can.

Led by the Illinois Single Payer Coalition, the event is co-sponsored by nearly 20 organizations, including the Gay Liberation Network. Watch for GLN’s Brent Holman-Gomez to be among those addressing the crowd!


On Saturday, 1 pm to 3 pm, please join the “Rally to Save the ACA — Our Lives Are On the Line!” at Chicago’s Federal Plaza, corner of Adams & Dearborn Streets, Chicago.

‘Our Lives on the Line’ is a massive nationwide day of action to uplift the voices of the millions of Americans whose health care will be ripped away if Congressional Republicans continue with their plan to give more power to big insurance companies and undermine affordable, quality care.

Millions of Americans have spoken out about what the health care repeal would mean for them and their families—and their voices were heard. Even so, Congressional Republicans will continue to move forward with their plan to strip health care from millions of people. The fight to protect everyone’s access to quality, affordable health care has never been more critical.

The Chicago rally is in solidarity with the over 150 events nationwide! The Gay Liberation Network will join more than a dozen other organizations co-sponsoring the event. Watch for GLN’s Roger Fraser to be among the speakers!

More info here.

Our Lives are on the Line

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