March for Abortion Rights: Pro-Choice Counter Protest

Originally published January 11, 2016

March for Abortion Rights!

1 PM Sharp
Sunday, Jan. 17th
219 S. Dearborn

With the Supreme Court taking up the most serious legal threat to the right to abortion in a generation, it is urgent that all who believe that only women should control their own bodies get active in the fight to defend the right to abortion.

Join FURIE (Feminist Uprising against Inequality and Exploitation) and other pro-choice Chicagoans in protesting the largest anti-abortion event in our area, the annual IL “March for Life” for the second year in a row. Because anti-abortion politics are based on sexism, racism, and flat out lies, we use the more accurate name #MarchforLies

This year, in the wake of heightened attacks on access to abortion and reproductive healthcare, including the recent Colorado Springs shooting and attempts to defund Planned Parenthood, we are mobilizing for a large and loud presence. Despite the fact that local anti-choice organizations and leaders will be busing in thousands of people from around the Midwest, a majority of Americans support access to safe legal abortion. The Right-wing is in the minority, but unless we act, they will continue to leverage violence and lies to further attacks on bodily autonomy.

The March for Lies claims to care about “life” but where are they when Black people are being murdered by police, when U.S. bombs are being dropped overseas, and when our schools and mental health clinics are being shut down? People who actually care about life know that women must be able to control our bodies and have access to food, housing, education, and decent jobs.

Please join us at 1 PM Sharp, Sunday, January 17th in front of Chicago’s Federal Court House, 219 S. Dearborn Street. 

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