Homelessness advocates march in Uptown, shelter saved

Originally posted January 3, 2017

Excerpt from a Windy City Times article by Matt Simonette and Tracy Baim

“This savvy pressure group was composed of ordinary people doing extraordinary things,” Fraser said. “They learned as they went along and became more and more effective; they planned their demos carefully and made sure TV cameras were rolling and reporters were taking notes every time they confronted an embarrassed Cappleman.”

Fraser added that “time and again they faced down city cops intent on harassing the homeless and Give us a home or leave us aloneintimidating them out of their tents under the viaducts.”

Fraser concluded: “Uptown Tent City shows us how it should be done: Organize, discuss tactics, admit mistakes, be inclusive, demonstrate, be in the streets, get the press to events. Mobilize people with the energy and foresight and modesty to do the hard and largely thankless work of movement building. We thank Uptown Tent City not only for winning a stunning victory but for showing us all the way forward in dark times.”

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