April 21st: End the Wars at Home and Abroad!

12 Noon, Michigan Ave & Congress Pkwy

There is a direct connection between the oppression of people of color in Chicago and the U.S. wars on people of color in the Middle East and Africa. 

There is a direct connection between the poverty, devastation and police oppression in our own communities, and the U.S. bombing, drone-striking and military occupations in the Middle East and Africa, threats of war against other nations like Venezuela, North Korea and Iran, and hundreds of U.S. military bases set up around the world.

Trillions of our taxpayer dollars are used to finance militarism and war, benefiting only the wealthiest owners of the energy, weapons and other corporations, while millions of people in Chicago and around the nation struggle to survive. Every bomb that’s dropped and every missile that’s fired is a theft from our communities, robbing us of the good quality jobs, schools, public services, infrastructure and that could have been created.

Mark your calendar for 12 noon, Saturday, April 21st at Michigan Avenue & Congress Parkway. 

More information will be forthcoming in future newsletters soon! For more information, email ChicagoAntiWar@gmail.com


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