The Worst!

Originally published November 8, 2017

In September Alderman James Cappleman orchestrated the worst in his series of attacks on working class people living in his ward.

Under the guise of needed repair work for Lake Shore Drive bridge viaducts, he helped orchestrate the destruction of the ward’s tent city encampments of homeless people – right on the eve of winter.
Not content with pushing people out from the Lake Shore Drive viaducts, he used a series of four subsequent police-enforced raids to harass the tent cities out of existence. For former social worker Cappleman, and the gentrifying newbie residents he represents, out of sight might mean out of mind.
But not on Wednesday, Nov. 8th. That’s the day Cappleman will host his annual “46th Ward Awards” event, where he basks in the reflected glory of Uptowners who truly are the best, and not the worst. And for those who think Cappleman is hosting an altruistic event for recognizing worthy 46th residents and institutions, think again. Look at the fine print and it’s really a fundraiser for his re-election campaign.
So join us as we turn the tables and award Cappleman as the Worst – Worst Social Worker, Worst Alderman, Worst Phony, etc – take your pick or choose your own.  #UptownTentCity

6 PM, Wednesday, Nov. 8
Uptown Underground
4707 N. Broadway, Chicago

The Worst!

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