Welcome Home, Chelsea Manning!

Originally posted May 14, 2017

Free Chelsea Manning!
A house party to help support her after she leaves prison.

6 pm – 10 pm, Wednesday, May 17
@ the home of Andy Thayer & Aldo Hernandez
4745 N. Beacon St, #3S, Chicago

Chelsea Manning is the LGBTQ movement’s greatest-ever anti-war activist and whistleblower aboutgovernment crimes. She will finally be released from federal prison on Wednesday, May 17th.
She is the longest-ever imprisoned whistleblower in the U.S., and frequently suffered conditions internationally recognized as torture. Besides long bouts of solitary confinement, she was stripped naked for long periods and as a transgender woman, forced to conform to male dress code and grooming standards.
Chelsea Manning’s “crime”?
* Exposing felonious conduct, including murder, by U.S. occupying soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, under both the George Bush and Barack Obama administrations;
* Exposing the U.S. dealings with dictators and oligarchs in the Middle East, information that helped spark the “Arab Spring” against a series of despots all over the region;
* Exposing the role of then-Sect of State Hillary Clinton in assisting the 2009 military coup in Honduras, the first 21st Century coup in Latin America. After the coup, the regime and its oligarch allies murdered numerous LGBTQ, campesino, indigenous and trade union activists, journalists and attorneys, and the nation attained highest murder rate in the world.
During her incarceration, none of the major LGBTQ organizations supported Ms. Manning, preferring instead to mimic their Democratic Party allies in the Obama administration, which was deeply embarrassed by her exposure of their cynical and illegal international dealings.
The result is that Ms. Manning will be leaving prison with virtually no institutional supports. To help her in her new freedom, we are hosting a house party to raise funds, all of which will go to Ms. Manning.

6 pm – 10 pm, Wednesday, May 17 
Home of Andy Thayer & Aldo Hernandez
4745 N. Beacon St, #3S, Chicago
$20 – $50 suggested donation, cash bar
No one turned away for lack of funds
Sponsored by the Gay Liberation Network

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