Trump is the Symptom of a Wider Disease

Originally posted February 28, 2017

Trump’s egotism and astounding ignorance are but symptoms of a system which produces such a candidate. 

Opposing Trump himself must be part of changing the wider society that produced both him, and a Democratic rival who was so uninspiring that the highest number of eligible voters in the last two decades of presidential contests chose not to vote.

Watch this short film of a large anti-Trump protest here in Chicago with GLN’s Andy Thayer speaking on why Trump himself is but a small part of a much bigger problem … and what we can do about it.

Anti-Trump protest Chicago

#stopTrump#stopdeportations #nobannowall #blacklivesmatter

… and watch this short compilation of videos from one of the big Chicago actions on the 1 month anniversary of Trump’s inauguration …

Anti-Trump in Chicago

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