Targeting Anti-Trans Haters

Originally posted June 6, 2016

Faith2Action, a South Poverty Law Center-designated hate group, announced a national day of protest for June 4th to oppose Target Stores’ pledge to have a Trans-inclusive restroom policy. In Chicago, Trans activists, the Gay Liberation Network, and allies countered Faith2Action’s hate with a pro-Trans action at the Uptown Target store to support Target and the trans community.   While no one from Faith2Action showed there, people did have to confront some passing anti-Trans haters nonetheless.

Haters don't target Target
June LaTrobe
Ryne PoelkerIt's 2016Anti-Trans Hate Not Welcome
Wiping Out Transphobia

Watch videos of the pro-Trans action hereherehere,
here and here, including remarks by Alexis Martinez,Rick Garcia and Ronnie Drantz. You can see Ronnie’s photos here.

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