April 1 Shutdown: Rainbow Flags for Education & Justice!

Originally posted March 28, 2016

From the first day he got into office, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has tried to privatize public education and destroy the teachers’ union. Union-busting has also been at the top of Governor Bruce Rauner’s agenda from day one, even if it’s meant destroying vitally needed services in the process.
The politicians of both major parties have made such a mess of funding secondary and higher education – while lavishly tax funds on the private projects of their campaign contributors – that Chicago public schools and universities around the state are now threatened with mass layoffs.
The attacks on public schools and universities disproportionately hit black, brown and working class people who depend on them most. LGBTQs of all races who aren’t part of the major parties’ “in crowd” will suffer along with everyone else. Put simply, this is racism and bias against the 99% generally.
LGBTQs for Education & Justice!
This Friday the Chicago Teachers Union and a large coalition of community groups are leading an “April 1 Day of Action” focusing on the attacks on public education, and the racism and ripoffs for the 1% that it represents. 

To show LGBTQ solidarity on these issues, we are organizing a “Rainbow Flags for Education & Justice” contingent in the main rally and march downtown on that day.
To join us, please RSVP “yes” by sending an email with your name & cell # to LGBTliberation@aol.com so that we can save a rainbow flag for you.

Then meet us at 3:45 PM SHARP on Friday, April 1 at the southeast corner of Randolph & Clark Streets (kitty corner from the rally site at the State of Illinois Building). Just look for the rainbow flags!! For more information, call Andy at 773.209.1187

More information about the activities being organized that day by a wide variety of groups can be found Chicago Teachers’ Union Facebook event for the day.


April 1 Shut Down


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