Stand in solidarity with the right to choose abortion

First published October 6, 2015

Don’t let anti-choice bigots dominate the debate!
This Saturday, stand in solidarity with the right to choose abortion.

Defend Planned Parenthood

This Saturday, many of the same forces who have long campaigned against LGBT rights will be targeting Planned Parenthood clinics around the nation for protests.

To counter them, Pro-choice forces must come forward and finally make our voices be heard!

Even though a majority of people in the U.S. support women’s right to choose abortion, that opinion rarely finds public voice in debates about the issue. Instead, fraudulently edited anti-choice videos dominate the media and anti-choice legislators roll over weak opposition.

Please come out on Saturday to defend abortion and other reproductive services for all women who choose them! Help counter-protest against the anti-woman zealots who hope to de-fund and shut down Planned Parenthood and all other agencies that allow women to control their own bodies.

Our peaceful counter-protests for choice will take place from 9 AM to 11 AM at the following locations:

Planned Parenthood Loop Health Center
18 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago

Planned Parenthood Near North Health Center
1200 N. LaSalle Street, Chicago

Planned Parenthood Wicker Park Health Center
1152 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago

Our opponents have long opposed every step forward for LGBT equality, attempting to reinforce backward gender roles and chauvinistic attitudes towards, LGBTs, women, and separation of church and state. 

Many non-LGBTs stood with us to help us win our recent wave of pro-LGBT gains. It is now our responsibility to show the same solidarity when women’s right to control their healthcare, and their bodies, is under attack.

Please raise your voice for choice this Saturday!

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