Say Her Name: A Light Action for Sandra Bland

Originally published July 31, 2015


From this short film

“Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, they’re all people who were killed because they refused to be f—ed over. They refused to have another f—ing cop tell them that they were doing something wrong when all that they were doing was living their lives.”

“All Mike Brown was doing was walking down the street. All Eric Garner was doing was living his life. All Sandra Bland was driving for a job. And we talked about how we as Black people are punished for just being. We’re just trying to live. We just trying to be free. And because they said f— you, they’re dead. They’re gone.”

— Page May of We Charge Genocide at “Say Her Name!” solidarity protest for Sandra Bland, Chicago, 7/28/15

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Why should we believe...

From this short film:

“Why should we believe a system which killed Sandra Bland about how she died?”

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