A small but important victory for the homeless in Uptown

Originally published December 22, 2015

A win for Uptown's homeless

VICTORY at the Wilson viaduct last Friday morning!

Josh Brollier explains what went down in this short video.

Last Friday morning, activists in the Uptown Tent City Organizers and allied groups successfully forced the cancellation of a planned removal of tents and other possessions of our homeless neighbors at the Wilson Ave / Lake Shore Drive viaduct.

Apparently the Scrooge-like optics of police and other City officials taking away the few remaining possessions of the homeless just 1 week before Christimas was even too much for notorious gentrifier Ald. James Cappleman to bear.

So the homeless, who have enough life issues to deal with without adding police and other City harassment to the list, get to stay another day, enjoying a right that they shouldn’t have to fight every day to preserve.

The broader lesson of this small win is that it is emblematic of a new chapter in our city’s history.

For the first time in generations, we have the privilege of living at a time when the 99% can really WIN things in this City.

Whether it’s forcing brutal cops “to go fetal,” winning a South Side trauma center, or stopping abuse of the homeless in Uptown, we have an opportunity — rare in this City’s history — to win gains on EVERY front against our 1% mayor and the class he represents.

So GO Teachers! GO community activists in every neighborhood! We need to seize this opportunity to make gains on EVERY ISSUE we care about!!

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