Refugees’/Asylees’ & Immigrant Rights Contingent @ Pride Parade!

Originally published June 12, 2015

Join us @ Pride!

Join us for the
We SUPPORT Refugees’/Asylees’ & Immigrant Rights! Contingent @ Pride Parade

A record number of immigrants — 2 million+ — have been deported by President Obama, and even half-hearted attempts to reform the U.S.’s immigration and refugee laws have been met with racist, anti-immigrant filth by Republicans.Support by both Democrats and Republicans for endless wars and drone bombings abroad, and brutal, sectarian governments, has created a refugee crisis across scores of countries. LGBTQs and others are forced to flee from governments armed by the U.S., the world’s largest arms exporter with troops in over 130 nations around the world.

Help us send the message to the 1 million + who watch the Pride Parade that we must demand REAL immigration reform from the President and Congress. We must STOP the U.S. support for dictators and wars that create millions of refugees.

Our contingent is jointly initiated by the Gay Liberation Network, the Center for Integration and Courageous Living, and CLASP (Chicago LGBT Asylum Support Program). We invite other organizations to endorse and participate by emailing


Here is how you can join the “We SUPPORT Refugee & Immigrant Rights!!” contingent –

Meet us at 11:30 AM SHARP in front of the Target in Uptown — 4466 N. Broadway – just look for the Pride flags on the corner. The best way to get there is to take the Red Line to the “Wilson” el stop, then walk two long blocks south on Broadway to the address. From there, we will then walk to the contingent location. Day-of cell phone contact is 773.209.1187

Want to help out more? We can use your help in setting up beginning at 9 AM at the contingent location. Please email the Gay Liberation Network at if you can help out earlier in the day, or if you just need more information.

Thank you!

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