Targeting Hate: Transgender Community & Allies to Counter-Protest Religious Hysteria & Hate at Uptown Target

Originally posted June 1, 2016

Pro-Trans rally
10 AM, Saturday, June 4
In front of the Uptown Target
4466 N. Broadway Avenue, Chicago
1 block south of the “Wilson” stop on the Red Line

In March 2016, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed into law a bill banning transgender people from using restrooms that align with their gender identity.

The U.S. Federal Government examined this law, and found that it violates U.S. Title VII and Title IX which, among other things, ban discrimination based upon sex. Written exchanges took place between NC and the Federal Government, resulting in both sides filing lawsuits.

The Target Corporation spoke up in support of the transgender community, revealing that trans identified Target employees and customers may use the restroom aligning with their gender identity and gender presentation.

The religious right immediately fired back at Target in retaliation of their support by knowingly and maliciously using false information about trans identified persons, painting trans people as sexual predators and deviants. On June 4th, 2016, the religious right is holding a national day of protest at Target stores across the nation.

Trans activists, Chicago’s Gay Liberation Network and allies will hold a counter – protest at the Uptown Target store, 4466 N. Broadway, to support Target and the trans community. This event will take place at 10AM, June 4th, 2016, and will take place regardless of the presence of equal rights opponents.

The courts are very clear that the arguments of comfort, fear, and religion are not compelling enough to restrict the civil rights of others. We want the public to know that trans people do not transition because of a sexual fetish or deviant mindset. We are real human beings with real civil rights needs who just want to live our lives as other people get to do. That includes such basics as using restrooms to carry out needed bodily functions while being guaranteed the same safety as other people.

Since losing on banning same-sex marriage, the top priority of the religious right is to beat up on Trans people through transphobic bathroom bans. Not only is this an attack on Trans people, but the right is using it as a wedge issue in the culture wars against all of us. Non-Trans people ignore this attack on Trans people at their peril.

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