Shut it Down: No More Evictions, No Moreno, Boot Buono

Originally published May 20, 2016

Stop Gentrification
11 AM, Saturday, May 20
Humboldt Park
California & North Avenues
Rally to let Alderman Moreno and luxury developers know that our neighborhoods are not for sale, and that we will not be displaced.

1. 30% TRULY affordable units in luxury development currently being built. Truly affordable rents mean 30% of Area Median Income (affordable to families making $25,000/ year)

2. Stop rezoning for new luxury developments, until we can truly find equitable developments for our community.

3. Pressure Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) to use their surplus for Project Based Vouchers to get more affordable units in luxury developments.We’ll have breakfast served at San Lucas Church (2914 W North Ave) from 9.30-10.45 am! Please join us for breakfast if you can.

At 11 am, we will convene at North and California.

There will be public art to commemorate people who have been displaced from Logan Square, Humboldt Park and Albany Park. We will also be talking about how luxury developments are contributing to gentrification and the displacement of our community members.

Ya Basta. Enough is enough. As thousands of us are evicted, displaced, and forced into homelessness, Moreno fuels the fire with extravagant luxury developments.

Join us to shut down Logan Square until 30% of all new units are truly affordable to working families and all 900 units are reopened in Lathrop Homes.

#NoMOREvictions     #NoMOREno     #BootBuono

Organized by Somos Logan Square

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