“Creating Change” or Managing Oppression?

Originally published February 11, 2016

"Creating Change" or Managing Oppression?

Protest erupts at “Creating Change” conference over participation of pro-Israel “A Wider Bridge”

Anger over the participation in a progressive conference of a pro-Israel group, which frequently works hand-in-glove with Israel’s racist government, boiled over into protest January 22, 2016.

Activists were incensed that the National LGBTQ Task Force, a group claims to be anti-racist, would allow a group dedicated to the promotion of Israel to soft-peddle it’s subjugation of the Palestinian people at the Task Force’s annual “Creating Change” conference in Chicago.

The protest capped weeks of growing anger at the Task Force which earlier invited the notorious ICE anti-immigrant police agency to participate in the conference, right in the midst of a new wave of sweeps that are adding further to President Obama’s record number of deportations. After a wave of protest, the Task Force backed down and disinvited ICE, but rescinded its dis-invitation of the pro-Israel group, prompting the protest you see here.

Besides the protests of Arabs, Muslims and Latinos, the Task Force’s moves prompted a who’s who of local young Black Lives Matters organizations to publicly denounce the Task Force and/or boycott the conference.

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