Confronting the Republicans in Cleveland

Originally posted July 22, 2016

With the humans outside of the Republican Convention,”
 a photo essay by GLN’s Andy Thayer 
Dawn over Ohio
Dawn over Ohio on the Megabus.

Cleveland skyline from the megabus
Is being the meeting point for a host of bigoted, Republican kooks really the way that Cleveland wants to be remembered?

4.5 miles of fences
Welcome fences – 4.5 miles of them!

More welcome fences….

United Way donations for RNC signsSecret Service
So charitable contributions to the Cleveland United Way apparently pay for signs welcoming the wealthy Republican creeps. Think about that the next time you make a donation hoping it might help the homeless, disadvantaged kids, etc.

WELCOME to the Westin!
WELCOME to The Westin!!

Engaging the media
A friend of mine engages Mary Ann Ahern, a reporter from NBC Ch. 5. I was honored to introduce Father Jose Landeverde to Ms. Ahern, who proceeded to do an in-depth interview about him and his 300+ mile walking march from Chicago to Cleveland for immigrant rights.
Don't fence me in!
Don’t fence us in!
On the march
This must end!
This MUST end now!
Tom Morello concert / protest
Tom Morello concert / protest
Well, Jesus’s position on torture was probably informed by his personal experience, unlike Trump’s.
Sign in the background: “Lizard people for Trump!”

My personal position is that the lizard vote could break either way. After all, it’s been a Democratic mayor and his wealthy cronies who we have had to fight in Chicago regarding racist police murders, closing mental health clinics and schools, giving tax breaks to wealthy insiders/campaign contributors while affordable housing grows ever more scarce, etc. Plenty of lizards and their enablers in City Hall, Springfield, and associated NGOs and churches. Lizard Republicans are almost entirely confined to the suburbs and downstate.

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