Chicago Water Department Armed Security Force Expert at Uptown Tent City 3

Originally published September 25, 2017

By Yehuda Rothschild 
Reprinted from

Ralph Chiczewski
Homeless people really are scary to the City

Ralph Chiczewski, the Asst. Commissioner Safety and Security, City of Chicago, Department of Water Management, addresses people at Uptown Tent City 3 on September 19 2017.

According to Ralph’s LinkedIn, his responsibilities “which includes armed and unarmed Security Forces, Internal investigations, Planning and Execution for Major Events, Security Technology including cameras, access control and CPTED”, formerly Chicago Police Department, WOW! Homeless people really are scary to the City…

That said he was least unreasonable of all the City officials horribly mistreating the economic refugees in Uptown Tent Cities 1-4. That is not a compliment.

Every day people use the same land and grass with NO danger to the infrastructure there. Only in very dishonest self-deluded minds do the homeless pose a danger to the infrastructure there, it’s never going to happen. It is absurd that the homeless need a special negotiation and speech to be allowed there…

Ralph Chiczewski

Watch it here.

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