What’s At Stake With the Supreme Court?

Originally published June 19, 2015

The next Supreme Court decision on LGBT rights could be about much more than equal marriage rights. Depending on how the Court decides, legal guarantees of equal access to employment, housing and public accommodations could be won too.


On the other hand, the Court’s April 28th oral arguments showed a conservative bias against giving sweeping civil rights gains to any group, LGBTs included. This is the same Court that has given a host of reactionary decisions in recent years — eviscerating voting rights for Blacks, attacking women’s right choose contraceptives and abortion without interference from employers in the Hobby Lobby decision, granting “personhood” to corporations and allowing them to flood elections with millions in “donations.”
In this episode of the Gay Liberation Network on Chicago Access Network TV, Bob Schwartz and Andy Thayer discuss what is at stake in the Supreme Court’s next LGBT decision.
Originally broadcast June 13, 2015.

LINK: http://youtu.be/GA_Ok3E0YzI

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