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Full page anti-war signature ads appear this week in both major LGBT papers!

Over the past week a who's who of Chicago area Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) community activists signed on to a full page anti-war ad to appear today in both of the city's LGBT newspapers. The community's passion about the issue was demonstrated by the speed of its response. The ad was proposed at a Chicago Anti-Bashing Network (CABN) meeting December 4, and within eight days fundraising was completed and the ads submitted to both the Windy City Times and the Chicago Free Press.

Signers to the strongly worded ad include not only those who typically travel in progressive LGBT circles like CABN and Queer to the Left, but the state's only openly gay state representative, Larry McKeon, the state's foremost Transgendered activist, Miranda Stevens-Miller, the co-pastors of Church of the Open Door, the city's Black LGBT congregation, and leading activists with the state's main LGBT lobbying group, Equality Illinois, signing on in a personal capacity.

The ad not only denounces the wholesale loss of life a full-scale war would bring, but explains why LGBT people in particular would be hurt. Noting the host of social service cuts that the area's LGBT population has recently endured, the ad points out that billions spent on a war and occupation of Iraq would make for even more cutbacks.

"A new U.S. war will indirectly kill people in our community here at home by diverting necessary funds away from already scaled-back social service programs. For example, programs that prevent HIV+ people from losing their homes and provide other life-saving services are already facing severe cutbacks during the current recession as a bloated military budget is given precedence over everything else."

A generation before, Dr. Martin Luther King "realized that his choice was to support his community by winning desperately needed anti-poverty programs at home, or support the U.S. war in Vietnam... Today, we in the LGBT community have a similar obligation to support our community, and other communities at home and abroad, by opposing Bush's war on Iraq."

Full text of the ad appears below, along with the list of signatories. You can also view the html version on our web site: http://www.cabn.org/press/antiwarad.html or view/download a printable (11"x17") .pdf here: http://www.cabn.org/press/Anti-war ad.pdf

For more information, contact CABN at 888.471.0874, CABNstopthehate@aol.com


Out! Agaist War (12-13-02)

Anti-war ad.pdf (12-13-02)


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