Remembering David Kato, Facing the Future

Originally published July 14, 2015

After a panel discussing the future of LGBT organizing in Uganda and memorializing the late David Kato, a Ugandan LGBT leader murdered due to anti-gay hate, the group gathered for a reception on the roof deck of the Center on Halsted.

Pepe-Julian OnziemaVictor Salvo
Pepe-Julian Onziema (left), Program Director for Sexual Minorities Uganda. Victor Salvo (right), founder and Executive Director of The Legacy Project, the principal organizer of Onziema’s visit to Chicago.

Kim Hunt
Kim Hunt, Executive Director of Affinity Community Services, discusses how her organization has gotten involved in supporting asylum seekers.

John Adewoye
Nigerian-American John Adewoye discusses the needs of the organization he founded, the Chicago LGBT Asylum Support Program (CLASP).

JFON's Jenny Ansay
Jenny Ansay of Northern Illinois Justice For Our Neighbors (center), with Pepe-Julian Onziema (left) and John Adewoye (right).

Davis Hammet
Davis Hammet (right) of Planting Peace / Equality House of Topeka, Kansas, with Kim Hunt of Affinity Community Services (left).

Wayne BesenBob Schwartz
Wayne Besen (left), WCPT radio host and Executive Director of Truth Wins Out, emcee of the event. In attendance was Bob Schwartz (right), long-time civil rights activist and a leader of the Gay Liberation Network.

Andy Thayer
Among those on the panel was Andy Thayer of the Gay Liberation Network, who said that the starting point for any genuine international solidarity was respect for and following the leadership of the activists in the countries we are trying to help, and a rejection of U.S. nationalism.

Free Speech RadioCarrie Maxwell
Pepe-Julian interviewed by Free Speech Radio’s Theresa Campagna (left). The ubiquitous Carrie Maxwell (right). 

Pepe-Julian & John Meeks
GLN’s John Meeks (right) shows Pepe-Julian some love!

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