50 Years Since the 1st Gay Rights Protest

Originally published August 27, 2015

Gay right 50 years ago

This year marks 50 years since the first gay rights protest in the world, in Washington, DC, followed a few months later in Philadelphia. It marked a courageous coming out by the participants, who faced firing, eviction from their homes, estrangement from their families and friends, not to mention violence.
By articulating for the first time as a group, in person, the demands for gay rights, these protesters helped pave the way for the explosive growth of the LGBT movement in later decades.
In this episode of the Gay Liberation Network on CAN TV, long time GLN activists Brent Holman-Gomez and Andy Thayer discuss the significance of these first protests, and the political debates within the movement as it transformed itself from those first few timid years to the audacious activism that marked the LGBT movement less than a decade later.
Show taped August 6, 2015 for later broadcast
Watch it here on YouTube.

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