Stop Anti-LGBTQ “Reparative Therapy” in Illinois!

Originally published May 26, 2015

“Reparative therapy” is a long-discredited series of practices that aim turn LGBTQ youth “straight.”

All major professional mental health associations have denounced it as medical quackery:  It fails in its stated aims of changing people’s sexual orientation or gender identification, and worse than that, it instills negative feelings in LGBTQ youth about themselves, and in so doing promotes suicide.

The religious right has long promoted “reparative therapy” because they think it’s okay to deny equal rights to LGBTQs if they can convince people that we can become “ex-gay.” But to their chagrin, leader after leader of their “ex-gay” organizations later have been caught in same-sex liasons, and some have even proudly come out of the closet.

The Illinois House recently passed the “Youth Mental Health Protection Act” which would proscribe sanctions for mental health professionals who use this quack method to “cure” LGBTQs.

Now it’s time for the Senate and Governor Rauner to step up and ban this destructive practice against youth in Illinois. Urge them to vote “Yes” on the “Youth Mental Health Protection Act” before the legislature adjourns on May 31st!

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