Defend Uptown’s Homeless!

Originally published June 26, 2015

 Tent City

Protest the moving of people experiencing homelessness from under the viaducts in order to “clean up” and “make it safe” for concert goers to Cricket Hill at Montrose Beach that happened last week during Mumford and Sons. This time its the Beach Boys & Kool and the Gang Concert.

Protest everything that leads to people experiencing homelessness.

Protest private profits being prioritized over residents.

Protest gentrification and socio-economic discrimination.

Bring a tent, sleeping bag, or shopping cart and just set up camp. On the grass, under trees, wherever. Make sure there’s room to pass, so no blocking the sidewalks, simply be a presence to show solidarity with the homeless. Bring protest signs if you can.

Protest with us as long as you can. Bring food if you have any to share!

3 PM to 11 PM, Friday, June 26 in the Lincoln Park at the NE corner of Marine Drive & Wilson Avenue, West of the Lake Shore Drive & Wilson Avenue Viaduct.

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